So This Is Us…

IMG_20140410_203009I introduced myself a little in my first post but I’m probably going to be talking about Gaz (‘Gareth’ when he’s not listening to me!) a lot too, who is my boyfriend. So I’ll introduce him too!

I say boyfriend, he’s much more than that! Gaz is my boyfriend, my best friend, my rock, the music to my lyrics, my world, my sun and stars! I could go on but I’ll stop here while I’m sounding as mushy as this couple…

If you’ve seen my profile you will know that I’m a student Counsellor. I’ll probably be doing another post about this at some point so I won’t go into too much detail about that here! I go to university, volunteer at a local charity to provide a counselling service and by weekend I work as a Till Operator for a large local store. Gaz works very hard for a well known mens clothing company to support us both while I study and he also distributes for Herbalife.

We’ve been together for just over 3 years and we balance each other out. For instance – when I’ve come up with another crazy idea, Gaz is there to help me see logic and reason! I’m the dreamer and he’s the doer! He used to be a DJ and work in clubs. He likes RnB music and football. Sometimes he’s more of a girl than I am! I, on the other hand hated ‘DJ types’, am more settled in a pub than a club, like rock and metal (mixed in with the likes of Mcfly and Disney soundtracks!), and I hate football! Gaz is everything I never thought I wanted but it turns out he’s exactly what I needed!


We shouldn’t work, but we do!  ❤




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