Unbelievable sights, Indescribable feelings…

My last post left you on my birthday morning where we getting ready to go to Liverpool, so in this post I’m going to fill you in with what happened over the last two days!

The drive into Liverpool was eventful! We were fine until we got into the center and then we got confused, the Sat Nav got confused and then we got a little stressed! We ended up going under a tunnel and being brought out somewhere that we didn’t want to be so we had to go back through (paying the toll twice when we didn’t need to!) It turns out that where we wanted to be was actually above the tunnel which is why the Sat Nav got very confused and stopped in the tunnel! Finally we had parked up and were ready for some dinner!

So Pizza Hut it was! The Hut is a firm favourite with us so we knew we couldn’t go wrong with that. After dinner we hit the shops. I’d been looking forward to the Forever 21 (it has four floors!!) and I wasn’t disappointed! I managed to pick up two dresses in there and wore one to the theater later on in the evening. After a stressful drive, a lot of walking and knowing that we were going to have an eventful evening, we called it a day on the shopping and headed to The Marriott hotel which is where we were calling home for our Liverpool excursion!

We were very impressed with the hotel and I always love the feel of walking into a new hotel room – excited but half hoping it won’t be a rubbish room and then running around the room to see what it’s like. I just love it! I’m easily pleased! I always take a picture of the room before we start throwing our stuff around it so that I can at least show people at home what the room was like when you could see it!

2014-07-03 15.50.00
2014-07-03 15.50.11

We had a meal at an Indian restaurant booked so we got ready for that. It took a lot of time because my dress was a wrap dress with funny strings to tie it with and so I spent an age trying to make sure I wasn’t going to be falling out of my dress all evening! I’m rubbish at being a girl sometimes! Why do we do it to ourselves?! When I had finished getting tangled in my own dress it looked like this…

2014-07-03 16.41.42

What do you think? I love this dress but it is a pain having to strap yourself in and the bust is only held together with a little popper, so I was scared of it popping open while we were out! Later on Gaz thought he’d try and help me out by pulling my dress up a little bit but ended up pulling it open instead. Right in the middle of Liverpool. With people around. I didn’t dare look around to see if anyone saw but if they did they would have got a marvelous view of my bra… how embarrassing!

The meal we had was very odd! We went to Sultan’s Palace as TripAdvisor had some very good reviews about it. I had high hopes but it was nothing like what we were expecting. You went downstairs into a basement with very dark lighting, shabby looking decor and there was only one other family in there. Me and Gaz stood there looking at each other for a few seconds in uncertainty and I was wondering whether we should go back out and find somewhere else but then the waiter came over and we were soon seated, still unsure if we still even wanted to try the food!

The food was pretty average in my opinion and unfortunately the service was really slow. I wasn’t sure why as there were only two tables to be waited on! It took them 35 minutes to bring our starters out…

Ah well, onto the main event! The Liverpool Empire Theater was a short walk away from the restaurant (this is where Gaz decided to make me flash everyone!) and we were soon faced with this…

2014-07-03 18.48.352014-07-03 18.49.32 2014-07-03 18.50.23
As soon as I saw this I started to feel the excitement! We went inside and I bought a keyring and a hoody (which was a bit pricey at £30 but it came in handy the next day!) and then drinks for the show.

2014-07-03 22.46.34
2014-07-04 12.36.17
I was so excited when we sat down I couldn’t wait for it to start! I just wanted to stand up and shout “Everybody SIT DOWN!” When it did start.. oh my goodness.. there are no words! It was incredible! I started crying about a minute in and was swept away by the beauty of it all. I was sat on the end of the aisle and so some of the cast came right by me when they came through the audience. Looking up at them and seeing their faces as they moved towards the stage singing was fantastic. You could tell that they they were really loving what they were doing. During the ‘Be Prepared’ song, the hyenas came through the audience and one frightened the life out of me when I turned my head to get a closer look at his mask and he said something to me! I jumped out of my skin!

I loved the show so much and will definitely try to see it again the future. I would recommend it to anybody. At the end I couldn’t clap hard enough for them! They really do an amazing job of capturing the spirit and energy of the story.

Unfortunately then it was back to the hotel and off to bed. Tomorrow would be a ‘whatever we fancy’ day before heading back home!

In the morning we got up, got ready, checked out and were off for breakfast at Ed’s Easy Diner. We had been to the one in the Metro Center at Newcastle a few months ago and loved their porridge for breakfast but we tried the pancake stack today. It was really good and I was so full when we finished!

2014-07-04 09.39.51

It was pouring with rain so I got to wear my hoody! We went back to Forever 21 to cover the floors we hadn’t managed to do the day before and I bought another dress. Then we moved over to Primark where I bought a kimono style jacket/cover up/thing(!) a ring, a handbag and a pair of tights! After that we felt a little shopped out so we decided to get some dinner from the ‘to go’ section of Marks and Spencer’s to eat in the car. I love their sausage rolls! On the way back to the car we came across Hotel Chocolate… being a chocolate lover I couldn’t very well walk past it without calling in and was amazed that they had a cafe! It would have been rude not to! This was the hazelnut hot chocolate with chocolate cream that we had! Yum!  2014-07-04 12.15.31

I took this picture of Gaz while we were in there too and I really love it, I think it’s my new favourite of him! 2014-07-04 12.17.27

Then sadly we were soon in the car, on the way home and our Liverpool adventure was over. As I had been away on my birthday my Mum text me to suggest going out for tea that evening and that’s exactly what we did. I wore my new kimono thingy from Primark and looked forward to pudding! 2014-07-04 17.07.55

I know it’s been a long post and I hope you managed to stay with me and even enjoy it. We had a wonderful couple of days and I wish I could relive it all over again! See you real soon! 2014-07-04 17.50.29


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