The Road To Hell is Paved With… Chocolate?!

It’s Monday today which means this is the Monday that my life changes! I’m going to get up early and start my weight loss mission/healthy lifestyle change. I’m going to eat clean, work out, drink lots of water and I’ll be dropping the inches in no time! Of course, I said all this last Monday too.. and the Monday before that.. and the one before that.. heck, I’m even gonna say it next Monday too!

The thing is, every Monday I start off all motivated and feel like this:


And I start whatever regime I have planned. Today I got up, had my Herbalife shake, had a bowl full of blueberries, strawberries and non-fat Greek yoghurt, I started the 30 Day Shred workout programme for the millionth time and had a protein shake with a couple of eggs afterwards. Later on I’m making fajitas and will finish the evening with a frugal couple of squares of dark chocolate. Easy! Right? No.

By Wednesday I feel like this:


And by Friday I’m raiding Sainsbury’s like this:

vYAyaThinking ‘Hey, I worked hard on Monday and Tuesday, I deserve it!’

Then Sunday morning comes around and I get my measuring tape out and the results aren’t exactly what I’d hoped for and I stand there for a few moments like:

1352_599044943473600_571555499_nAnd then spend the rest of the day walking around sulking:

rachelThen before I know it, it’s Monday again and this time it’s going to work and I’m going to be super healthy and look good and feel even better… until Wednesday!

Does anyone else go through this weekly cycle?! I’m hoping by this time on Sunday I can say ‘Oh look, I’ve lost a couple of inches!’ instead of ‘Oooo it’s Monday tomorrow, I’m gonna start being healthy!’

Good luck to you if this is your Monday too! 🙂



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