What a Great Day!

Just thought I’d post about the really lovely summer’s day I’ve had. It’s been great!

We had a late start to the day and not wanting to waste the glorious weather we’ve had over the week, we decided to go to a place called Bolton Abbey. It’s a beautiful estate with the ruins of an abbey, walking trails, a cafe, scenic views and a river running through the whole thing. It’s one of my favourite places to go with Gaz because it’s so pretty and for a few hours you can forget that concrete jungles and traffic jams exist! So our afternoon was filled with this:

IMG_20140725_165356IMG_20140725_1656072014-07-25 13.23.272014-07-25 13.20.50IMG_20140725_165458Pretty, right?! Also enhanced a little bit with my friend Instagram.. but you get the gist!

It was a scorcher today so we only walked around for a few hours before heading home. Then I was off for my McDonald’s date with my oldest friend, Catherine. Catherine and I met in high school and started spending time together outside of school in about year 8 when we were about 12. We used to go to our local McDonald’s and try the newest McFlurry’s while gossiping about school, boys and bands. We often spent hours in there – I think our longest time in there was about 4 hours!

Over the past 10 years nothing has changed and we still meet up when we can for McDonald’s and a gossip about work, boys and bands! On my 22nd birthday Catherine very sweetly put this on my Facebook wall which shows a decade of our friendship…

10409722_10152410837458673_6458016902524543765_nThe picture on the bottom was taken on our last day of school after 4 years of friendship, back when boys were still boys and we had big plans for the years ahead. The picture on the top was taken at the McBusted show at the Phones 4U Arena (It’ll always be the M.E.N to me!) on 9th May this year. Now boys are slightly older boys and our issues revolve around uni, work and trying to scrape together enough money to be able to go on all the trips we promised ourselves back in school.

During this 3 and a half hour long McDonald’s gossip we devised a plan to plan a road trip across America and then trips across Europe and the UK. America is in the pipeline for 2020 and I hope we make it! My only worry is that full-time employment, houses, cars, dogs and children are also in the pipeline too for me and Gaz!

But hey, what’s the point in being 22 if you can’t have hopes and dreams the size of America? šŸ˜‰

wanderlustHope you’re all out there dreaming big too!

“If you can dream it, you can do it” – Walt Disney.


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