Guardians, Fakes and Cakes!

I thought that nothing much had happened this week until I actually sat down to think about it. Turns out that quite a lot has happened/ is going on!

Last Thursday we went to see The Guardians of the Galaxy. I was a bit unsure about what to expect because it wasn’t going to be the usual Avengers line up. If I’m honest I was not too happy about the lack of Robert Downey Jr or Chris Evans! But it turned out to be a great film and I thought it held its own quite well. For me, Groot and Rocket Raccoon made the film! Also – Lee Pace as Ronan?! I don’t buy it. The villains kinda let this film down.

Pushing-Daisies-Ned-1  Ned?! What happened to you?!

Then I did a bit of auctioning on eBay to try to earn some money for Florida. So far I’ve made a grand total of £11 on sold items (Disney DVDs) with some auctions – mostly clothes – still live and being checked on every 2 seconds to see if they’ve gained any more watchers! I both love and hate selling on eBay. I love getting bids on stuff but I hate the rest of it! All the fees and packaging… trips to the post office.. chasing up people who don’t pay.. leaving feedback. Like, just give me my money already!

I then had a bright idea of buying Frozen on DVD from eBay for my sister’s birthday present rather than paying £15 in Asda. Seriously – who is buying it at £15?! By now other releases are down to a more respectable £7 at least! “Let it goo….” I ended up buying two copies off different sellers because I thought I’d bought one for the wrong region and tried to cancel my bid then went off and bought another. Turns out it was the sellers “mistake” and it would work in region 2. So yeah, 2 Frozen DVDs on their way to me. I was not happy. I was definitely not happy when I received them both the next day and they were BOTH FAKE! Argghh! I got a refund for them both but I’m now wondering whether to report the sellers to Trading Standards/Ebay. Not sure if it’s worth my time, especially since fake DVDs are in abundance everywhere… but now I am stuck with 2 fake Frozen DVDs. Grrrr. “Let it…. go?”

Another sale has started where I work so I’ve been given a lot of extra hours this month – a total of 70 hours compared to the 32 I had last month! I cannot wait for September when I get to put most of my hard-earned money into my Florida Fund. Speaking of which, I have bought a Terramundi pot for my mum’s birthday so that she can start her own Florida fund. I’m actually really gutted that it’s not for me because it’s lovely! Hopefully I can find some spare pennies to buy myself one or hope that Santa will bring me one this year! This is what the pot looks like: 2014-08-07 15.38.06
So what else has happened… Ooh yeah! I started some 30 Day Challenges this month – planks, push ups, squats and sit ups! I think you can still see the picture from Instagram on my sidebar. I’m on day 4 at the minute and it hasn’t been too bad but it’s only going to get sooo much harder! I thought the sit ups wouldn’t be too bad until I realised what I thought were sit ups were actually crunches! Actual sit ups are bitches! We’ll see how far I get over the 30 days!

We went to see The Inbetweeners 2 today. It was quite good but not sure that it was as good as the first one! I’d like to see Will’s mum’s wedding though!

The highlight of my week has to be the Great British Bake Off starting again! I’ve watched every episode of this since the first series and I just love it! I don’t like Paul Hollywood very much, there’s just something about him that puts me off but I love Sue, Mel and Mary Berry! I wonder who comes up with all the baking innuendos! I’m hoping Martha will be in it until the end, can’t believe she’s only 17! Jordan is the only one that I’m hoping will go soon.. I like a bit of quirkiness but this guy is in his own league! I think he’s maybe trying too hard to do something different with his baking and if he chilled out just a touch, he might go quite far! Do any of you guys watch it? What do you think? This show always gets me in the mood to do some serious baking! Although I’m not sure my cakes come out like this one! I would love to get my hands (and my taste buds!) on it.

_63552924_cakeOn your marks, get set….BAKE!